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From past experiences to future innovations, we uplift and inspire the next wave of cyber leaders.


In the eagerly awaited and widely endorsed book, “Securing Our Future: Embracing the Brilliance and Resilience of Black Women in Cybersecurity,” The Black Women in Cyber Collective (BWiCC) weaves captivating stories of tenacity, brilliance, and evolution. These narratives of leadership are interspersed with invaluable insights on initiating, cultivating, and elevating a career in cybersecurity.
Purchase our book today to hear the powerful stories of resilience, brilliance, transformation and leadership laced with tips and tricks to starting, building and advancing a career in cyber.


Through these powerful video narratives, witness the passion, resilience, and dedication that each woman brings to the cybersecurity and privacy landscape. Their stories are sure to inspire, educate, and ignite change.
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Diversity is not just a buzzword; it’s a critical ingredient in the recipe for a secure digital future. Research consistently underscores the importance of diverse teams in fostering innovative solutions. The cybersecurity realm, where threats constantly evolve, particularly benefits from diverse perspectives that can anticipate and counteract multifaceted challenges. Black women, though currently underrepresented, bring invaluable insights and experiences to this domain. The Black Women in Cyber Collective (BWiCC) champions this cause, emphasizing that the inclusion of Black women isn’t just about equity; it’s about building a stronger, more resilient digital future for everyone.
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The Black Women in Cyber Collective (BWiCC) represents an inspiring group of Black women excelling in the realms of cybersecurity and data privacy. Each member brings not only her exceptional talent and skill but also her unique story, collectively amplifying the success, potential, and opportunities for Black women in this field. Established with a profound vision, BWiCC is committed to empowering and inspiring Black women—whether they’re diving into cybersecurity for the first time or seeking career advancement. Their mission goes beyond personal success; they seek to elevate the entire industry, increasing the necessary access, exposure, insights, and sponsorship for Black Women to contribute to the evolution of cybersecurity and privacy.
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